Webinar: How to build customer loyalty during travel disruption

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Webinar: How to build customer loyalty during travel disruption

Outside of the travel industry, there's been a boom in companies like Uber, HelloFresh and AmazonGo - convenience enterprises that are removing the big pain points in their customer's lives.

Their mission? To drive loyalty and revenue through unparalleled customer experiences. 

When it comes to travel, disruption is the single biggest pain point for travellers and one of the most expensive for airlines. Flight disruption is estimated to cost the travel industry an estimated $60 billion per year. Yet whether it’s strikes, storms or security alerts – disruption isn’t going anywhere.

Whilst you can't remove it, if handled well, disruption presents the perfect opportunity to build trust, rapport and long-term customer loyalty. 

Webinar: How to build customer loyalty during travel disruption
In this interactive panel discussion with iCoupon, JLT Group and Switchfly, we covered:

  • The vital role communication plays in tackling and resolving customer pain points
  • Innovative strategies and examples in the industry 
  • How - by offering solutions, not problems - you can drive additional revenue along the way

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