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20 June 2024 | Webinar

Webinar | Maximising deliverability & engagement across passenger communication channels

When delivering a passenger communication strategy, few things are more important than making sure your messages reach your passengers. With 1 in 5 emails being undelivered, getting it right involves navigating a number of complexities. 

Statistics showing the average email deliverability rate, the click through rates when using personalisation and the amount of consumers who prefer to connect with brands through multiple channels.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear our experts discuss techniques to ensure your emails arrive in your passengers' inboxes, as well as: 

  • Recent sender guidelines: Understand how recent Gmail guidelines impact your email deliverability. 
  • Building emails that work: Learn best practices for creating effective emails that engage passengers and drive action. 
  • Multi-channel messaging: Explore the benefits of multi-channel communication, including email, push-to-app notifications, WhatsApp, SMS, and RCS, to enhance passenger engagement across various platforms. 
  • Compliance across channels: Ensure consistent and compliant communication across all channels to protect your brand reputation and meet regulatory requirements. 

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