About 15below

15below is a privately owned software development company. Everything we do is built for travel. Our vision is simple – make journeys easier and more enjoyable by giving our clients and their passengers a stronger sense of control.

For over a decade we’ve been creating systems and workflows to manage day-to-day travel services and the logistical nightmares caused by travel disruptions.

What we believe

Everything we do is based on a very simple set of beliefs. We call these our 15 fundamentals. They guide how we work and what we develop.



Bring people closer together. Focus on developing technology that fixes complex problems and connects people with each other.



Take the stress out of travel. Keeping people informed gives everyone a stronger sense of control, security and personal assurance.



Security first. To innovate we need to experiment and build big, but we never compromise data or confidentiality in doing it.



Make it possible for others to achieve more. Share our technology and our know-how so that our clients can make the most of our technology for themselves.



Bring back the concierge. Travel technology should let you interact with passengers in a way that they love. It’s an opportunity for superb personalised service.



Question, listen, watch and learn. Daunting problems are solved by understanding people, systems and situations. Real insight comes from considering many perspectives.



Travel can always be better. Think and see beyond developing the software, always scanning for opportunities to make the travel experience better.



Competitive advantage demands inventiveness. Take time to be creative, to tinker with technology and invent new ways to do things and tackle problems.



Know the gimmicks from the tools. Technology can do amazing things, but being clever is not enough. It must always make a practical and positive difference for the client.



Tell it how it is. Our work may be complex, but that doesn’t mean our words need to be. Make complexity as easy as possible to understand and to get to the point fast.



Relish the challenge. From an unforeseen emergency to a persistent admin headache, we’re here to answer big questions and solve big problems.



Get the job done. Being small and nimble we don’t let bureaucracy or unnecessary processes get in the way of progress.



Understand travel inside out. Industry know-how makes it possible to make a difference, but it demands that we continuously study how we travel, connect and communicate.



Always be ready to react. Whether it’s responding to worldwide travel chaos, a single client emergency or a possible problem in the future, we’re prepared to leap into action.



Work, like travel, should be an adventure. The purpose might be serious, but you can still have fun doing it.

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Keen to stretch your problem-solving skills, bring order to complex data and logistical chaos, and make travel a more enjoyable experience for everyone? Like the thought of working with bright people who relish a challenge and for travel companies who operate around the world?

It’s an exciting time at 15below - we’re expanding and have a lot of new opportunities in our Brighton, Vilnius and Sydney offices:

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Send across your CV and tell us why you want to come and work for us and what you could bring to our team. Email it all to jobs@15below.com.

15below is proud to be a Living Wage Employer in Brighton & Hove. Find out more here.

15below Living Wage Employer Brighton Hove
Living Wage Employer Brighton Hove
15below - 2-star accreditation with Best Companies
2-star accreditation with Best Companies 2019

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