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Our technology

We’ve got the whole journey covered, from booking to arrival and beyond. Our technology makes keeping thousands of passengers informed simple and efficient - even at short notice.

One platform. Seven products.

The 15below platform integrates directly with your reservation system and more than 100 other data sources to create highly targeted, personalised notifications that deliver the exact information each customer needs, at the right time and via the best channel.

Whether it's an out-of-the-box or a highly bespoke solution that you need, simply tell us what you want to achieve, and our team will design and build the perfect platform with everything required to start communicating with your passengers straight away.

    Strike, storm or global pandemic. Take the hassle out of cancellations or routine schedule changes.

    Not everything goes to plan, but clear, proactive communication is essential to avoid chaos for your passengers and your staff. Keep your customers informed of any schedule changes, cancellations and IROPS quickly and simply.

    Key Features

    • Direct integration with your reservation system or GDS queues.
    • Refunds, declines, credits and claims.
    • Flexible schedule change and cancellation workflows.
    • Reminder management and sends
    • Two-way integration – customer acknowledgement automatically updated in your system
    • Multiple channel support
    • CRM management and other systems


    • Manage call centre throttling by reducing calls
    • Increase operational capability and customer reach
    • Improve inventory visibility
    • Build customer trust and loyalty
    • Reduce complaints


    Filter, update and manage bookings. Automate workflows to power through reservations system queues.

    Notification queues have never been so efficiently organised. Queue Manager works behind the scenes to give you a smooth new way of automatically sorting, filtering and categorising your PNRs for simple and fast processing. By interfacing with the rest of your system, you can now focus on the task at hand - particularly if you’re working with other 15below products.

    Key Features

    • Sort, filter and categorise PNRs
    • Perform complex tasks such as MCT, re-accommodation and revalidation
    • Hold and schedule notification sends
    • Queue cleaning
    • Trigger actions with PNR data and changes
    • Simple setup and management of complex workflows


    • Reduce manual handling, time and costs
    • Enhance queue visibility
    • Optimise operational efficiency
    • Compatible with all other 15below passenger notifications


    Gate change, delay or diversion. Help travellers and staff stay calm and get where they need to be.

    Keep your customers, staff and subscribers up-to-date with reliable travel information that’s relevant to them. Flight Status integrates with your FLIFO, reservations and other systems to deliver accurate and profiled notifications, helping you to keep your ground operations running smoothly and your passengers in control.

    Key Features

    • Fully customisable workflows, business rules and events
    • Granular events control
    • Tailored alerts for travellers, subscribers and staff
    • Real-time event triggers
    • Triggered by airline FLIFO feeds for accurate real-time status
    • Delivery via APP Push and other channels
    • Support of vouchers, advertisements and travel advice


    • Harmonise your communications across all touch points
    • Reduce traveller and staff stress
    • Provide targeted and timely information
    • Optimise your customers experience
    • Improve ground efficiency and on-time performance


    Remind, confirm and promote. Itinerary-based notifications with targeted advertising.

    There’s no simpler way to give your customers peace-of-mind before their journey, whilst driving up your revenue. By interfacing directly with your reservation system, schedules, and third party feeds, your customers get the information they need, when they need it.

    Key Features

    • Flight and itinerary re-confirmations
    • Integrated travel advisories, weather reports and destination-specific information
    • Travel checklist (e.g. visa, insurance)
    • Targeted ancillary promotions - including availability
    • Other content enrichment (e.g. maps, social intelligence, traffic, entertainment)
    • Ultra personalisation


    • Reduce inbound calls
    • Personalise and enhance your customers experience
    • Upsell and increase revenue streams
    • Strengthen your understanding and knowledge of your customers


    Practical details and useful extras. Everything your passengers need to plan for their trip.

    It doesn’t need to be just a standard itinerary, tax or ancillary product receipt. Enhance your customer offering at every touch point with highly personalised emails with PDF, iCal and Passbook attachments and bring new revenues in the process.

    Key Features

    • Sophisticated business rules and fare calculations
    • Content enrichment – including baggage allowance, flight duration, maps, weather
    • Real-time ancillary partner integration
    • Barcode support
    • Attachment support - including iCal, PDF
    • SMS confirmations


    • Improve traveller experience
    • Generate additional revenue
    • Bring brand consistency across multiple systems and offices
    • Automate tax and legal obligations


    Cut the queues and make life easier for passengers and staff.

    Thanks to the world of mobile, and advances in airport operations, you don’t need to dread long airport queues. Simply provide automated web or mobile check-in and boarding passes and deliver directly to your customers mobile, computer or printer, keeping you and your passengers stress-free.

    Key Features

    • IATA standard barcode support
    • Multi-channel support
    • Filter ineligible passengers (e.g. unaccompanied minor)
    • Content enrichment - including maps, traffic updates + more


    • Reduce queues and minimise disruption
    • Enhance passenger experience and reduce stress
    • Improve ground operations and reduce costs
    • Increase ancillary revenue


    Instant tickets. Put mobile rail tickets straight into the hands of your passengers.

    Keep things simple and produce real-time rail tickets for your customers. Available in multiple formats and delivered through a range of different communication channels.

    Key Features

    • Real-time ticket production
    • 1D and 2D barcodes
    • Ancillary promotions
    • Third party content enrichment
    • Multiple channel delivery – email, PDF, SMS and App Push


    • Simplify back-office processes
    • Minimise manual intervention
    • Reduce queues at station
    • Enhance traveller experience


    Introducing our high-tech platform

    Every travel company starts with the 'base' platform, onto which any combination of our solutions can be added depending on what you want to achieve.


    Platform feature

    What it can do for you

    We communicate via

    Multiple channels:

    Email, app push, WhatsApp, SMS, voice, social messaging and print

    Keep connected with customers - on any device and via any channel

    Multiple languages:

    Notifications can be sent in every language you need

    Reduce internal language resource and costs

    We interface with

    Multiple reservation systems:

    Integrates directly with Navitaire, Sabre, Galileo, SITA, Amadeus, and more

    Out of the box integration

    Ancillary & partner feeds:

    Customer and/or 15below supplied

    Drive extra revenue with ancillary sales and advertising

    Other data sources:

    Integrates with CRM systems, loyalty programmes and any other data system you use

    Enhance personalisation and build customer loyalty

    We deliver

    Two-way conversations:

    Automated recording of actions or remarks back into the booking

    Minimise need to contact customers manually. Simplify processes and reduce operational costs.


    Branded templates, iCal and PDF attachments

    Present consistent brand across all channels and communications

    Simple or complex workflows:

    Dynamic content driven notifications with tailored business rules

    Mimic complex agent activity. Streamline processes. Optimise operational capability.

    A hosted service:

    Fully managed and supported by 15below

    Reduce IT overhead