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16 October 2023 | Webinar

Webinar | The role of data in revolutionising the passenger experience

Many travel companies are not getting the most from their data, an issue affecting customer loyalty and ultimately the bottom line.

In an era marked by unprecedented technological advancements and shifting customer expectations, travel brands are increasingly turning to data-driven strategies to enhance the travel experience, improve loyalty and drive revenue.

Watch the recording of our recent webinar and learn how to harness the power of customer data. Our passenger experience experts Al Tredinnick (Head of Commercial) and Gemma Maidlow (Head of Product Solutions) look at the pivotal role data plays in shaping how passengers interact with airlines, including:

  • The difference between the standard personalisation tactics used by every business and hyper-personalisation (and why it matters.)
  • The fields and data sources used by best-in-class airlines, and how you could use this data to provide a superior experience for your guests.
  • How to source customer data you may not even know you have, and how to use technology to seamlessly include these insights in your passenger communications.
  • How to drive additional revenue and long-term customer loyalty through disruption and pre-departure communications.