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07 April 2022 | Webinar

Webinar | Proactive & personalised: The new role of pre-departure communications

Sharing incorrect information with passengers is costing the average airline around €1 million in fines every month. A fully automated pre-departure communication system would cost less than 20% of this whilst building customer confidence and loyalty.

Download this 20-minute webinar to hear one of our passenger communication experts discuss:

  1. The best data sources to integrate into your communications to guarantee your customers are getting the correct information.
  2. Why best-practice pre-departure communications are no longer all about ancillary revenue, but a vital source of information for your passengers.
  3. How automated communications will offer the proactivity and personalisation that your customers need to travel with confidence.​
  4. How to set up and run a highly sophisticated pre-departure communications system that costs less than one week of fines.

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