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11 April 2023 | Webinar

Webinar | Three travel industry trends to reconsider

In the travel industry, the only constant is change. Trends come and go, but some are worth re-evaluating before you invest significant time and money. Download our latest webinar to hear our expert team discuss three developments which may (or may not) shake up the industry in 2023 and beyond.

Join 15below’s Al Tredinnick (Head of Commercial) and Mike Blanchard (Senior Commercial Account Manager) for a look at three trends our passenger experience experts think you should re-consider this year and why they could do more harm than good if not approached in the right way.

Download and watch the webinar now.

In this webinar, we covered:

Trend 1: Sustainability

  • Green initiatives are valued by passengers, but what are the best ways of approaching them?
  • Why greenwashing exercises can be a real issue and what the answer is to combat this.
  • How companies can improve their communication when it comes to environmental issues and helping customers travel in a more sustainable way.

Trend 2: Replacing lost expertise

  • Tremendously valuable expertise has been lost from the travel industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, but what can you do to overcome this?
  • How to find the right tool for the job, looking at the risks of: consolidating suppliers, being overwhelmed by choice and focusing on the costs of implementing solutions vs the cost of disruption.
  • A look at the clash between sticking with legacy systems or upgrading to advanced tech and why your primary focus should be on ensuring your customers’ needs are met.

Trend 3: Disruptive tech

  • Will Super-Apps shape the future of the travel industry? What should you be concentrating on when it comes to your customer facing app?
  • Are Chatbots and AI more relevant than ever? Or will they ruin your brand’s reputation? We discuss what’s working for airlines and what isn’t.
  • Does the Metaverse have any place in the travel industry? Why travel brands should pay more attention to actual reality and not use gimmicks during times of disruption.

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