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04 July 2019 | Webinar

How to get buy-in: A case for automation your business can't ignore

Watch our latest on-demand webinar and gain all the information you need to convince your company of how it can:

Cut operating costs

An airline with 10 million passengers can save $1.2 million per year on call centre costs1.

Minimise time and resource required

Swoop needed just 1 person to communicate with hundreds of passengers in 30 minutes during a recent bird strike.

Quickly and efficiently deal with even the largest acts of disruption

Cathay Pacific kept 100,000 passengers moving during the strongest typhoon to hit the region in 72 years.

Protect your reputation

Negative reviews on Facebook alone have the potential to cost an airline over $5 million in lost revenue each year2.

1,2: 15below ROI calculator

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