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08 March 2024 | News

How we're helping Uganda Airlines improve passenger experience

We are proud to welcome Uganda Airlines as one of the newest members of the 15below community. As Uganda's national flag carrier, the airline plays a pivotal role in connecting the country to the rest of the world. 

Re-established in 2019, Uganda Airlines has swiftly emerged as a key airline in the nation's aviation landscape. With ambitious goals, the airline is committed to providing reliable and efficient air travel for both domestic and international routes. 

This exciting collaboration between 15below and Uganda Airlines underscores our shared dedication to enhancing the overall passenger experience. Through our solutions, this partnership ensures passengers receive timely and personalised communications throughout their journey, empowering them at every step, from booking to arrival and beyond. 

As part of this collaboration, Uganda Airlines, an Amadeus customer will deliver:  

  • Efficient ad hoc notifications: Quickly and effectively manage ad hoc communications, keeping passengers informed in real-time.
  • Customised communication: Deliver personalised and accessible notifications using custom email and SMS templates pre-approved by internal teams, ensuring brand consistency and speeding up the communication process.
  • Automated schedule changes: Automate schedule change notifications with tailored functionality, including time filters, to ensure messages are delivered at the best time for each passenger to improve engagement rates and customer satisfaction.  

Al Tredinnick, Head of Commercial at 15below said:

“Uganda Airlines plays a vital role in connecting the country to the world, and we're thrilled to support its mission. Manual notifications can be time-consuming and prone to errors, resulting in delays, missed notifications, or misinformation. By incorporating personalisation and tailoring communication to their passengers' needs, Uganda Airlines can begin building relationships with passengers and gaining their trust. Combined, these two changes will have a huge impact for both the airline and its passengers. We’re looking forward to seeing this impact grow throughout the partnership.”

To discuss how 15below's industry leading solutions can help your travel brand, get in touch with one of our passenger experience experts today.