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20 June 2023 | News

Consolidating our Navitaire partnership: A letter from our CEO

I'm excited to announce 15below’s strategic partnership with Navitaire, which comes after two decades of collaboration.

Built on our highly successful partnership with Navitaire’s owner, Amadeus, which we established in 2019, we aim to bring even greater value and innovation to our customers, and the entire 15below community.

15below has been working with carriers using Navitaire solutions since 2003, and nearly 25% of Navitaire customers are currently using the 15below platform to support their passenger notifications.

This relationship means we can offer extensive benefits to not only our Navitaire airlines, but to the whole of our customer community. As two technology experts in the travel space, we believe that the knowledge and expertise gained from this partnership will have a transformative impact on our industry.

Here are just some of the benefits we look forward to delivering together:

  • Joint Product Development: Our combined efforts will result in the creation of innovative solutions tailored specifically for the evolving needs of the travel industry, setting new standards for Customer Experience and delivering excellence for your passengers.
  • Deeper API Integrations: The integration between 15below and Navitaire systems will be further enhanced, enabling seamless data exchange and synchronisation. This deeper level of integration will streamline airline operations for carriers of all sizes across the world, increasing efficiency, and delivering a superior experience for both airline teams and customers.
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies: By leveraging the strengths of both organisations, we will further optimise airline operational processes, allowing for smoother and more efficient workflows. This will translate into reduced costs, improved productivity, and ultimately, increased profitability for our customers.

If you have any questions or would like further information about the opportunities this new collaboration brings, please do get in touch.

All the best,

Nicholas Key
CEO I 15below

Nicholas Key 15below
Nicholas Key

Following a career with SITA and American Express Travel, Nicholas set up 15below.  Bringing over 20 years’ experience in travel tech and a drive to improve efficiency and service across the industry, Nicholas has built the company to become a globally recognised ‘best-of-breed’ passenger communications provider.  A long suffering airline passenger, baggage loser, flight delay regular – and personalised communications lover.