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09 August 2022 | News

Etihad Airways implements industry-leading communication solutions

Press release on 28 July 2022: Etihad Airways implements industry-leading communication solutions to further enhance its guest experience

Etihad Airways is partnering with 15below - the market-leader in hyper-personalised, automated passenger communications - to implement four new digital solutions that will further advance the airline’s ability to keep its passengers informed and empowered with timely, relevant notifications throughout their journey.

Etihad is migrating its guest communications platform - which already automatically manages itineraries and receipts and pre-departure communications - from Sabre to Amadeus Altéa. At the same time, the UAE national airline will also be implementing a range of new solutions that will enhance its ability to offer the very highest level of customer service throughout its guests’ journeys. These include 15below’s three most popular solutions: Disruption Communications, Queue Manager, and Flight Status Notifications.

Etihad passengers are not the only ones that will benefit from the enhanced partnership; the airline’s operational teams will also gain significantly from the automation of irregular operations (IROPS) management, queue management, and communicating flight status updates.

Etihad sends notifications to passengers via email, SMS and push to app via 15below’s industry-leading user interface that places everything in a single view, allowing the airline’s operational teams to manage operational guest communications effectively.

The partnership between 15below and Amadeus brings additional value for the airline – with deeper integration between the two systems and a combined approach to common industry challenges.

Etihad says:

“A key component of Etihad’s digital strategy is to deliver the most effective solutions which support high-quality services and products for its guests.

As Etihad migrates to Amadeus Altéa, passengers will benefit from a range of new digital solutions - and 15below will collaborate to deliver empowered guest communications to enhance the customer experience in this ever-changing digital landscape” Frank Meyer, Chief Digital Officer, Etihad.

15below says:

“We have worked with Etihad since 2017 and, in that time, they have never stood still. 

Even mid-pandemic, when so many carriers were keeping a low profile; the airline saw the opportunity to make things better for its customers when travel returned. It’s a brand that's always striving to improve the travel experience for its guests, which is why we’re so well-aligned.

It’s also great to be working in tandem with Amadeus as Etihad migrates its reservation system. The combination of companies working on this project will result in a fantastic outcome for Etihad’s internal teams and more importantly, for its passengers at every stage of their journey.” Nicholas Key, CEO, 15below