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26 January 2024 | News

Embracing flexibility: Our Flexa recertification

As we step into 2024, we’re thrilled to announce our recertification with Flexa, confirming our status as a truly flexible workplace.  

Flexa is a leading authority on workplace flexibility and a directory of flexible companies. They completed an anonymous survey among the 15below team to understand and measure various aspects of our flexible working environment. The feedback from 15belowers resulted in an 88% approval rating for flexibility – an increase from 86% last year.

Flexa reward stamps

We’re incredibly proud to start the year with our recertification, which builds upon recognition from 2023, including being ranked as one of the most flexible Travel & Transport companies to work for in the Flexa industry awards. We’re also ranked as one of the most flexible companies to work for in the #Flexa100, an independently verified listing of the top 100 most flexible employers!  

These recognitions are a source of huge pride for us, reflecting the importance we place on supporting our team to easily manage their responsibilities whilst also respecting their personal life, promoting a true work-life balance. 

Our workplace 

Our People Director, Claire Pallett, had this to say:

“Flexibility is more than just a keyword for us; it's a core value that influences every aspect of 15below. Our commitment to creating a flexible workplace is driven by the understanding that each team member has unique circumstances and work preferences. By embracing flexibility, we enable our employees to achieve a healthier work-life balance, boost productivity, and contribute to a positive, inclusive company culture.” 

So, what makes 15below stand out? 

1) Remote work opportunities 

Our team members are empowered with the flexibility to decide whether they want to work from our Brighton or Sydney offices, choose to work from home, or create a customised blend of both. Additionally, we offer a 'Work from anywhere' program, allowing our team to work from virtually any location around the globe.

2) Flexible hours

With flexible hours, you have the option to start your day early at the office, head home at lunch for personal activities like a run or family time, before finishing ahead of the school run. Embracing this adaptable approach ensures no one feels pressured to be at the office just to create an impression. 

3) Results-oriented culture

At 15below, our culture thrives on trust. Everyone is treated as a unique and valued contributor, which encourages teamwork and a feeling of inclusion. We pride ourselves on being a remarkable community of exceptional individuals, where trust and respect define every action we take.

4) Wellbeing initiatives

Our commitment to employee well-being goes beyond just work hours. We offer wellbeing programmes that help with physical, mental and financial health, ensuring our team members feel supported in all aspects of their lives.

Explore what our team has to say about working at 15below and discover our latest opportunities here.