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17 November 2020 | eGuide / white paper

The power of SMS

SMS is a powerful communication channel that best-in-class travel companies use to keep their passengers informed and empowered. Some experts have suggested that SMS would lose its efficacy over time, but this has proven not to be the case as disrupted travellers continue to rely on the proactive sharing of important, timely information when they need it most.

Download The power of SMS and discover:

  • Why travel brands are choosing SMS to keep their passengers informed and empowered, particularly during acts of disruption and times of uncertainty.
  • The true cost of one bad experience, and how using SMS can save your business millions in lost revenue every year.
  • The benefits of using a direct SMS gateway.
  • The cost of using SMS vs. WhatsApp and human interaction in a contact centre or at the airport.
  • Why companies like British Airways, Qantas, and SWISS International Air Lines use the 15below platform to send SMS to their passengers.

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