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16 November 2020 | eGuide / white paper

The rise of conversational communication

Sending an email with a flight status notification and hoping your passenger sees it in time is no longer good enough. 

The way people communicate evolves rapidly so airlines need to be available via the channels their customers are using. This means operating and honing a truly multi-channel approach to passenger communications.

Businesses looking to communicate with their customers have previously relied on push channels.
However, communications between customers and companies are increasingly turning to conversational channels, which crucially offer the ability for users to respond and resolve issues instantly and easily.  

Download our eGuide to find out more about:

1. Rich Communications Services (RCS) 
The channel backed by Google that is likely to replace SMS.

2. The power of self-service during disruption
Allow your passengers to take control of their situation rather than joining a queue at the airport, or calling into your contact centre.

3. Social vs. native channels
Why airlines must continue to invest in the systems required to integrate with social messaging platforms while maintaining standards in SMS, email and automated voice if they are to meet the needs of all customers.

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