JetBlue Case Study:  Clearing up to 78% of schedule changes in a matter of minutes

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JetBlue Case Study:  Clearing up to 78% of schedule changes in a matter of minutes


Once the new flight timetable has been released, airlines often have the laborious task of contacting tens of thousands of passengers to advise them of changes to their scheduled itineraries - then updating each and every PNR as they work their way through the list/queue.  For some airlines, this schedule change process takes place throughout the year.  In both scenarios, without the right technology, it can have a huge impact on the productivity of call centre staff.

With this in mind, North American airline JetBlue, approached 15below to help identify ways to reduce this operational burden and enable their team to focus on both business-as-usual and business-critical tasks – including selling more.  


Following a detailed requirements workshop, looking at internal processes, systems and project objectives, 15below developed and deployed a JetBlue-tailored Disruption module, based on the 15below passenger notifications platform. These project objectives were to:

  1. reduce the cost of managing routine schedule changes (time and resource)
  2. improve levels of customer service during times of disruption
  3. utilise staff for more business-development and business-critical tasks

Project Design and Deliverables

Based on the objectives, the solution design enabled the airline to:

  1. Improve efficiencies with bespoke business rules which automated the process based on JetBlue's operational requirements.  This included automatically updating all impacted PNRs with acceptances, comments and revised itineraries.
  2. Keep all customers informed of changes to their travel plans with the delivery of timely, personalised and targeted notifications to all impacted passengers. This was done via a range of channels according to customer preference – including SMS, automated Voice and Email to maximise reach and effectiveness of the communications. Tailored business rules also ensured customers were not notified of multiple minor schedule changes in the lead-up to their departure date, but only in the weeks preceding.
  3. Identify quickly and easily only those customers who had not responded, not accepted the proposed schedule changes, or had more complex requirements.  This enabled their staff to focus their attention on the more important or complex cases and have more time to do what they do best – managing business-as-usual customer enquiries and selling.  

The Results

The results were immediate.  Based on a report for January - July 2014 a total of 77.9% of schedule changes were processed automatically at the press of a button.  This left just a fifth of passengers to contact manually - saving significant time, resource and money whilst keeping JetBlue customers informed and in control.

How's it done?

JetBlue and other airlines and travel companies, including Germanwings and Virgin Australia, remove a huge chunk of manual processing by managing their schedule changes using the 15below platform.  Removing all the manual steps – from selecting the PNRs, the template, the business rules to apply and even the setting up of the notification send itself – means significant time and money is saved.  And whilst the back-end system used may be complex, what is needed from your reservations agents certainly isn’t.  Pre-configured queues are set up using tailored business rules and pre-defined templates which then get applied to notification sends.  What’s more, full automation ensures PNRs are immediately imported as soon as they arrive, eliminating any delay in processing.  

Taking into account an initial investment to design and implement bespoke business rules and workflows to fit airline-specific operational processes, the ROI can start to break even within one year.  

How we can help you

Over 50 airlines, rail and other travel companies – including Qantas, Ryanair and Swiss International Air Lines – use 15below to manage disruption more effectively. Using our tailored notifications and workflow platform, we help our clients to get the right information to the right people, at the right time - keeping everyone calm and connected wherever they are.   

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