Why brand consistency is the key to growing revenue by 23%

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Why brand consistency is the key to growing revenue by 23%

By prioritising consistency across every interaction that your customers have with your brand, your business will benefit from both a financial and reputational perspective. In fact, research shows companies that present their brand consistently across every touchpoint enjoy a 23% increase in revenue1.

However, many organisations – including some of the world’s largest airlines – don’t tackle inconsistencies that then devalue their brand and weaken the trust customers have in them.

Ensuring your brand inspires a favourable perception among consumers requires more than an eye-catching logo. You’ll need to deliver consistency in every message; from imagery to tone of voice. It’s about providing clear, creative and captivating communications that evoke positive emotions and trigger the desired response from your customers.

And you need to do it consistently, regardless of the content of your message, the channel you’re using, or the value of the touchpoint in question. Even the most routine communications have a crucial role to play in achieving brand consistency; providing customers with important information in a simple format and reinforcing the core features of your brand at every stage of their journey. As such, the fundamentals of your brand need to shine through in every communication – not just your marketing messages such as personalised pre-departure communications – but everyday notifications like booking confirmations, itineraries and receipts.

Brands that are consistently presented – both visually and through a single voice – are between three and four times more likely to benefit from high visibility2.

Why is brand consistency important?

1) Drive brand recognition

Familiarity with your brand generates confidence among customers as they know what to expect. With 71% of people more likely to buy from a business they recognise3, building and refining a great brand is crucial to your bottom line.

2) Build trust

With an ever-increasing number of scams and cyber-security breaches, your passengers want to know that they can trust you, and a strong, recognisable brand is key to this. In fact, 81% of people say trust is a key buying consideration, placing it only narrowly behind product quality (85%) and value for money (84%)4. Presenting your brand consistently will boost its authenticity and give people confidence to buy.

3) Engage in two-way conversations

The best brands no longer promote one-way communication where they react to a customer’s query or issue. Instead, they strive to open a two-way conversation with customers in real time and across multiple channels. A consistent message across these channels – no matter which of your internal teams is responsible – will drive reputational gains and create an exceptional customer experience that your customers will be happy to shout about.

How can airlines guarantee a consistent brand?

Over 70% of companies believe customer confusion is the most serious consequence of an inconsistent brand5, so best-in-class airlines are already striving to create a clear brand presence that engages, informs and empowers passengers.

A way to guarantee this is by sending all of your customer communications via a single platform; allowing you to eliminate the inconsistencies that can occur when relying on different teams within your business to deliver communications via multiple systems.

One of the world’s premier airlines, SWISS, achieves this by using the 15below platform to deliver a wide range of communications that keep its 17 million passengers informed and empowered throughout their journeys. These include disruption notifications, pre-departure communications, itineraries and receipts, flight status alerts, automated check-in and boarding passes.

We work with more than 50 airlines around the world – and each has access to a suite of bespoke, professionally-designed templates through our industry-leading user interface before personalising their message and sending large volumes of communications with minimal manual input.

For more information on how we can help you achieve ultimate brand consistency across all your touchpoints, contact us today.

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