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01 September 2021 | Video

Video: Introducing 15below's COVID Solutions



Experts agree that COVID-19 will continue to challenge the travel industry.

So, we have developed six automated solutions that will keep your customers informed and empowered whilst eliminating operational stress for you.

1. Flight Search Augmentation
Giving your customers vital information right from the start without distracting from the purchase journey. 

2. Destination Discovery
This interactive map allows your customers to see personalised restrictions and entry requirements...based on their country of departure, arrival, and nationality.

3. Data Collection
We’ll help you comply with the US CDC’s order or Track and Trace mandates by collecting and storing data digitally. No more paper forms to worry about!

4. Pre-flight communications
Automatically provide personalised information to each of your customers, giving them everything they need before they leave home. Keeping calls and queues to a minimum.

5. PCR Testing
This interactive solution helps your customers find and book a COVID-19 test for their outward AND return journey. And is also a great revenue generator for you.

6. Travel Alerts
Automatically send event-based communications to alert customers when requirements for their destination change. 

Learn more about our new range of COVID Solutions here.