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08 February 2021 | Blog

Infographic: The Power of SMS

We get it - SMS is not the most exciting of communication channels. And it can feel expensive at times. But it's so important to look at the bigger picture before dismissing SMS as a way to keep in touch with your passengers.

Our CEO says it best:

"When so many emails go unread, the initial cost of send becomes irrelevant as today's passengers demand proactive, relevant and timely information.

Removing SMS from communication workflows leaves passengers with no choice but to communicate directly with employees in contact centres and the airport at nearly a 100% increase in cost per interaction.

At a time when every penny is a matter of survival, SMS is without a doubt the cheapest, most reliable channel travel companies have at their disposal."

Nicholas Key, CEO, 15below

Take a look at our infographic below for some really compelling stats on why SMS is an important part of the passenger communications mix.

  • 269 billion emails are sent every day, and nearly 50% register as spam
  • 74% of people have zero unread SMS vs. 41% of people have zero unread emails
  • Average open rate of SMS is 98% vs. 20% for emails
  • 61% of consumers will not install a new app to communicate with a business
  • 89% of people will return to a brand that offers strong omni-channel engagement , and 33% of customers will remain loyal to businesses that do not
  • 50% of emails register as spam vs. 1% of SMS register as spam
  • Average number of emails received each month is 1,200 vs. 178 SMS received
  • Using SMS is 97% cheaper than relying on humans in contact centres and at the airport to deliver the same information.

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