Introducing our new user interface: Optimising your notification testing process

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Introducing our new user interface: Optimising your notification testing process

Over the past year, we have spent time getting ‘under the bonnet’ of our own user interface (UI) to better understand how our customers use the 15below system and what they are trying to achieve with their passenger communications.

We have been studying how to streamline user journeys and, most importantly, enhance the user experience by changing the way customers can interact with and test notification templates – an aspect of user interface design often overlooked by the wider travel technology sector.

So what have we learnt from our customers? And how can we bring this into our technology in the best possible way?

Simplify the send process with timely, relevant information

When travelling, it doesn’t matter how streamlined, quick or easy the journey is if customer service is poor or a bag is lost. When ‘things go wrong’, the unfortunate consequence is that your customer will often rate their journey a ‘bad experience’. You need full visibility of your passenger's journey in order to test every possible scenario and design a truly first-class passenger experience.

The same applies to our passenger notifications technology. If you can’t test the changes made to your notifications quickly and easily before sending, you have little visibility of the effects of those changes.

Speed and efficiency are vital characteristics your technology needs when you are sending notifications, especially when dealing with unplanned (IROPS) disruption. But when it comes to creating an efficient user experience, it’s not just about reducing the number of clicks it takes to complete an action, it’s about providing timely and relevant information to the user as and when they need it.

To do this, we have focused on improving your test process by giving you the ability to preview and amend a ‘live’ version of your notification as you create it. An action that is notoriously inefficient in passenger notifications technology.

Minimise mistakes with a preview using live (yes, live!) reservation data

When testing your passenger notifications before sending, the industry norm is to meticulously import test data to your system, send a test notification, wait for it to arrive in your inbox, check for errors, go back into the system to update or amend activity…and then re-test all over again.

Overall, it’s a long-winded and time-consuming process and (unfortunately) one that is provided by most travel technology suppliers.

When you’re automating and sending thousands of passenger notifications every day, one small error could have a mammoth impact on your revenue and brand. Which is why we don’t want to just make it easier and quicker for you to preview test notifications…

We want to make the whole experience better by giving you the ability to preview your notifications using live reservation data, and amend or change them as you’re setting them up – minimising the risk of mistakes and removing that long-winded, time-consuming testing process.

From studying and digging into the depths of our user interface, we’ve learnt that it’s not just about reducing the time it takes to complete an action, it’s about providing you with timely and relevant information you need, when you need it.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the notification testing process feedback we’ve received from customers using the new user interface:

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