Abandoned carts | Why email notifications should be in your toolbox to increase revenue

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Abandoned carts | Why email notifications should be in your toolbox to increase revenue

The average abandoned cart rate for travel bookings in 2015 was approximately 84% - meaning over three-quarters of travellers abandoned potential ticket purchases before payment. It’s a constant uphill battle to maximise conversion and ensure every flight leaves with full seats.

There is a solution to reach travellers in responsive ways and remind them to complete their purchase before the booking is lost - A strategy that has improved conversion by as much as 400% for American Airlines.

Using automated email notifications, travel companies can improve the booking experience and effortlessly reduce the number of abandoned carts by proactively contacting travellers with a reminder when they do not complete their flight booking.

How to boost revenue with abandoned cart email notifications

1) Traveller goes through the booking journey but stops before making the payment and leaves your website.

2) 15below’s passenger communications platform assesses whether the booking has been paid for and complete. This is done by taking a trigger from your revenue management or e-commerce system then integrating directly with your reservation system to check whether a ticket has been issued for a completed booking.

3) In the absence of a ticket number, pre-defined business rules will determine if sufficient contact and booking details are present within the PNR for a targeted notification to be sent.

4) Where sufficient contact details are available, the platform generates and automatically sends a reminder notification containing all details of the abandoned booking and a link for them to complete their purchase. 

5) The link directs the traveller back to your website or mobile app to complete their booking.

6) When the notification is sent, the PNR is updated within the reservation system and 15below database for future reference, reporting and analysis.

What results can you expect?

Improve and open up communication in a reactive and nimble manner, providing an attentive online experience that can delight travellers.

At the same time, maximise the number of passengers taking flights, increase sales conversions and improve your revenue integrity by freeing up inventory faster.

Based on industry benchmarks and working with a 15below customer using automated email notifications, here is how you could expect to increase your revenues using an effective ‘abandoned cart’ strategy:

An extra $14,199,848 in booking revenue per year - That’s without any additional revenue from ancillaries, expected uplift in frequent flyer sign ups or the additional brand reach through customer word of mouth.

To find out how 15below automated notifications can help your business, get in touch via our contact form or email us at hello@15below.com.

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