15below is a great place to work – and that’s official!

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15below is a great place to work – and that’s official!

15below has been awarded two-star accreditation by Best Companies, the prestigious body’s second-highest level of recognition for businesses that go above and beyond to create outstanding workplace engagement.

Best Companies has developed an academically rigorous methodology that gets to the heart of what people want and expect from their employer and place of work. Its comprehensive b-Heard survey was completed by more than 80% of 15below employees to provide an accurate insight into working for the organisation.

Claire Pallett, Head of HR at 15below, says: “We are extremely proud to have been recognised by Best Companies as a brilliant place to work. Achieving two out of the maximum three stars is a fantastic result that has only been possible because of everyone’s commitment, participation and energy as part of the fabulous 15below team.

“Being recognised by Best Companies allows great companies to benchmark themselves against other top-performing firms, identify and celebrate the steps they have taken to create great workplace engagement and ultimately attract new talent.

“We’re delighted our employees are clearly engaged with our business and thriving on the challenge of developing industry-leading travel tech.

“At 15below, we’re committed to creating a stimulating and inclusive culture that has a positive impact on professional development and also extends far beyond our work.

“While our Best Companies accreditation is a wonderful reward for all we have achieved so far, we know there is still plenty of work to do. We already have plans for a series of ongoing improvements designed to create an even greater environment for our team and we look forward to implementing them.”

Achieving two-star accreditation is exclusive to companies that are found to have made an ‘outstanding commitment’ to their people and place of work.

Businesses that are accredited by Best Companies can also use the body’s analysis suite that creates an accurate picture of how employees really feel and act on any potential challenges and opportunities that are identified.

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