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Implement the 15below platform in a matter of weeks

Manage the impact of COVID-19 with automation

Many airlines are still relying on manual processes – such as phone calls and mail merges – to reach travellers with vital information in a short space of time.

If you are struggling to communicate effectively with your passengers and you use Amadeus, Navitaire, Sabre or SITA, we can get you up and running on the 15below platform quicker than ever before.

The system will allow you to:

  1. Send ad-hoc notifications to all passengers affected by unplanned disruption.
  2. Reach up to 100,000 passengers every hour with 100% accuracy and reliability, eliminating human error.
  3. Rely on a small team (or even just a single employee) to send all passenger communications, freeing up your operational staff to focus on more valuable tasks.

To get started we only need a few simple pieces of information from you, including your IATA code, which language(s) you'll be sending notifications in, and the reservation system you're on.

We will do the rest!

If you don't use any of these reservation systems then don't worry, we will still be able to help you!

For more information, fill out the form and one of our in-house experts will be in touch.

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