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Start using the 15below platform in a matter of weeks

Overwhelmed with the task of communicating with all your passengers during the COVID-19 crisis?

As the impact of COVID-19 has gripped the travel industry, many airlines overwhelmed by the level of passenger communication required have started using the 15below platform - going from their first enquiry to automation within a matter of weeks.

In most cases, these airlines were still relying on manual processes – such as phone calls and mail merges – to reach travellers with vital information in a short space of time.

If this is the case for your business, we can help! 

The ‘out of the box’ version of the 15below platform allows you to:

  • Send ad-hoc notifications to passengers affected by unplanned disruption. 
  • Reach up to 100,000 passengers every hour with 100% accuracy and reliability, eliminating human error. 
  • Rely on a small team (or even just a single employee) to send all passenger communications, freeing up your operational staff to focus on more valuable tasks.

To get going, all we need from you is:

  1. Your IATA code 
  2. Your IP address and range 
  3. Contact information for everyone authorised to use the platform 
  4. Which languages you’ll be sending passenger notifications in. For the fastest implementation, we recommend starting with just one language.
  5. Your reservation system. With Navitaire or Sabre it’s an instant integration, but if you use Amadeus we’ll need to seek certification from Amadeus itself. Due to our partnership with them, that now typically only takes about 10 days. 
  6. The friendly-from name you want to appear in your passengers’ email inboxes. 
  7. High-resolution files of your logo and other relevant branding. With this we’ll create your first template that you can easily amend within the user interface

You can leave the rest up to us! 

Read our recent blog post to find out more, or get in touch today to get started.

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