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08 April 2021 | Video

Video: Solving the challenges of post-pandemic travel

Pre-pandemic, travel companies were working hard to find ways to make the journey ever-smoother for their customers. Then COVID-19 came along and suddenly there is a whole new selection of challenges to deal with, for both you and your passengers.

Here at 15below, we solve problems you've probably heard from your passengers thousands of times but didn't know could be solved so easily.

With automated, personalised communications you can cut the chaos associated with three common issues that cause: 

  • Unnecessary strain on your resources. 
  • Significant cost to handle customer queries through your contact centre and at the airport.
  • Avoidable stress for your passengers.

Ask us about how we can support you with:

  1. Contacting passengers who didn't book direct.
  2. Making sure your passengers are prepared for post-pandemic travel.
  3. Collecting digital attestations so you don't have to switch off automated or online check-in processes.