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23 February 2021 | Blog

Infographic: Beware of tech companies that try to do everything

There aren't many salespeople out there that will tell you their product can't do what you want it to do. But not all technology companies are equal!

We think of the 15below platform as a beautifully constructed aircraft. Take some sheet metal and a box of tools and you might just be able to replicate it, but not without a lot of mistakes and wasted time and metal!

This is what will happen if you choose to send your passenger communications through a generic software provider that is trying to do too many tasks (think marketing platforms and CRM systems.)

They are the best at what they are designed to do, but we are the best at what we are designed to do.

Meticulously refined over 20 years, the 15below platform has been carefully designed and built just for travel companies like yours.


The 15below platform...

  • Sends notifications via email, SMS, social media messaging, automated voice, and app push.
  • Rapidly processes PNRs and sends notifications to up to 100,000 passengers in just one hour.
  • Integrates with all major reservations systems, plus more than 100 third-party data sources – for true personalisation.
  • Offers two-way communications with passengers, records their responses and updates the PNR.
  • Runs vital, travel-specific tasks such as auto check-in and boarding pass issuance, and performs e-ticket updates.
  • Includes access to an easy-to-use, industry-leading user interface that can be used by people of all levels across your business.
  • Uses bespoke workflows designed specifically for the travel sector to meet the distinct regulations and nuances of the industry.
  • Comes with a team of highly knowledgeable product experts, business analysts, and a dedicated Commercial Account Manager to offer you experience, expertise and commitment to make sure you get the most out of your investment.
  • Provides email templates with your organisation’s branding, designed and built to drive customer engagement based on best-practice knowledge.
  • Includes thousands of updates built with members of our customer community over 20 years
  • Comes with guaranteed 24/7 technical support from experienced and knowledgeable developers.