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Keep your passengers informed and empowered at every stage of their journey

With hyper-personalised, automated communications

Use the 15below platform to give your passengers what they need every step of the way

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With the 15below platform you can:

  • Connect with hundreds of thousands of passengers at the same time, whilst speaking to each customer as an individual.
  • Remove human error and rely on automation to accurately communicate the right message every time.
  • Delight passengers with personalised information that will inform and empower them, whilst maximising engagement rates and revenue generation for you.
  • Take the chaos out of unplanned disruption, eliminating stress for your passengers and your operational staff.
  • Cut your reliance on costly contact centres and save more than $1.5 million every year (based on an airline carrying 10m passengers).


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15below in numbers


Notifications sent every day




Employees of 15+ nationalities


Customers in 39 countries




Reservation systems


Communication channels



One platform for all your passenger communications

Targeted. Personalised. Automated.

High-tech, yet simple to use. Integrated directly with your reservation system and more than a hundred other internal and third-party data sources, you can stay connected with your customers on any device and any channel - from email and SMS, to app push notifications and WhatsApp. Keep your operations running smoothly and your customers informed and empowered.

Our products

From booking to arrivals and beyond. Our product range meets the needs of you and your customers throughout their journey. Plus, as they all work off the same platform, it’s easy to select what you need today and add new products in the future.

Strike, storm or security alert. Take the drama out of cancellations and the hassle out of schedule changes.

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Gate change, delay or diversion. Help travellers and staff stay calm and get where they need to be.

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Filter, update and manage bookings. Automate workflows to power through reservations system queues.

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Remind, confirm and promote. Itinerary-based notifications with targeted advertising.

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Practical details and useful extras. Everything your passengers need to plan for their trip.

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Group travel services, unaccompanied minors and advanced passenger information.

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Instant tickets. Put mobile, rail or coach tickets straight into the hands of your passengers.

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Cut the queues and make life easier for passengers and staff.

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Who we work with

More than 50 airlines, rail operators, travel agencies and travel management companies around the world use 15below to connect with their passengers.

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