Webinar: From humans to machines: How to plan for automation

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Webinar: From humans to machines: How to plan for automation

Providing a consistent, personal and comprehensive service to every single passenger should be a priority for all modern airlines. This is no longer an option or a luxury; it has become the norm, first in other service-led industries and now in travel.

With automation playing an increasing role in everyday life, consumers now expect instant communication, real-time updates and information to hand 24/7.

Whether your airline carries one million or 100 million passengers each year, automation is the only effective and secure way of achieving the responsive, real-time service consumers have come to demand.

But automation is about much more than simply getting the most relevant information to passengers quickly, reliably and via their preferred channel. It also allows businesses to operate in a leaner, smoother fashion in which manual workloads are reduced and costs lowered.

We have explored this hot topic in our latest webinar: From Humans to machines: How to plan for automation.

In this panel discussion, we cover:

  • Why you should automate now
  • The ROI of automation
  • The 5 levels of automation

There’s no doubt automation offers a variety of operational, financial and service incentives to businesses. The question is can yours afford to miss out?

Watch the full webinar recording.

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