Add $15 to every checkout with our two top ancillaries of 2019

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Add $15 to every checkout with our two top ancillaries of 2019

Is your airline maximising the potential of pre-departure communications by promoting the right offers to the right passengers?

We’ve identified two top-performing ancillaries of 2019 - and the reasons to offer these to your passengers include benefiting from the industry’s highest conversion rate while adding an average of $15 of revenue to every single checkout!

Guests from Sherpa and GetYourGuide joined us to record our latest webinar: Ancillaries: Driving significant revenue alongside exceptional customer experiences.

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It’s no longer enough to simply send a generic “have you thought about baggage/car hire/tours?” email featuring all your ancillary partners to every passenger and expect them to do all the hard work for you. With a plethora of highly personalised services available in everyday life (think, Amazon, Netflix, Google), your passengers now expect personalised and targeted products and services, making personalisation the only way to achieve the best results.

A study by Ecrebo found 68% of people expect to be offered promotions based on their personal information and 44% will avoid brands that fail to provide them with personalised, relevant offers.

For airlines, this means offering a family of five a trip up the Eiffel Tower when heavy rain is expected, or inviting a corporate traveller to visit a theme park will waste both your time and theirs and could well do some permanent damage when it comes to their perception of your brand.

Best-in-class airlines like SWISS, Thomas Cook and Qantas deliver bespoke, highly-targeted promotions by analysing each PNR in tremendous detail, then cross-references the results with external factors – such as weather forecasts, transport news and one-off events – to create communications that make decision-making quick and easy, so are sure to hit the spot.

Our latest webinar features input from Jake Kotzer, Director, Growth and Partnerships at Sherpa, and Ekaterina Chernysheva, Senior Partner Success Manager at GetYourGuide. Here’s what their brands have to offer enterprising travellers and airlines with a commitment to exceptional service:


Sherpa can help you notify travellers of visa requirements for upcoming trips before guiding them through the application process and validating their final documents.


The tours and activities market is worth $150 billion a year, making it more valuable than car rentals! This figure is expected to rise to $180 billion by 2020. Offering personalised, targeted and innovative tours to travellers can help airlines achieve exceptional conversion rates.

Customers not only want - but expect - airlines to go the extra mile to delight them, and so exceeding these expectations with personalisation is the best way to differentiate yourselves from your rivals. With personalised offerings from ancillary partners like Sherpa and GetYourGuide, you can offer a customer experience that will not only drive significant revenue, but improved customer loyalty and positive PR.

View the webinar now to find out how you can use personalised pre-departure communications to delight your customers while boosting your revenue to as much as $51 per passenger*.

* IdeaWorksCompany, 2017

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