15below ‘Walks to Sydney’

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15below ‘Walks to Sydney’

By Claire Pallett
Head of HR, 15below

Back in April, the 15below team set itself the goal to ‘Walk to Sydney’. We were embarking on the third quarter of our year-long Wellbeing Journey – this time focussing on maximising our physical wellbeing. As well as encouraging healthy food habits, providing personal training sessions, musculoskeletal and Healthy Heart check-ups during the quarter, we decided that an ambitious goal was needed that would give us all a real incentive to get moving.

Whilst our headquarters is Brighton-based, we also have an office in Sydney, Australia. So why not set ourselves the task of walking the 21million+ steps needed to visit our fabulous team down under? In doing so we’d also be living up to one of our key values – Connected – which ensures that the whole team, wherever in the world it is based, is pulling together to collectively achieve great results.

Progress at the start was slow, and we momentarily wondered if we had been a little too ambitious. But we soon gathered pace, passing our Vilnius-based team by the end of week two. Then there was no stopping us, with everyone totting up their weekly step totals and going on extra-long walks at the weekends to make sure our mission would be a success.

13 weeks later, and we not only achieved our goal of reaching Sydney, but we also made it 20% of the way back to Brighton!!! The likelihood is that we will keep it going and circumnavigate the whole world so that we can check in on our colleagues in India, Qatar, the Netherlands and Portugal to connect us all.

So proud of this achievement and the way that everyone got involved!

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