15below at Data: Corporate Traveler Experience in Atlanta

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15below at Data: Corporate Traveler Experience in Atlanta

Profits or customer experiences? Innovative travel companies can have both!

Disruption is known to be a factor that can harm both the bottom line and customer satisfaction, leading to potentially disastrous results.

As well as the estimated $30 billion annual cost of flight disruption to airlines, part of an overall $60 billion financial hit experienced by the wider travel ecosystem according to FlightGlobal, travel providers that fail to swiftly and smoothly deal with delays, diversions and cancellations face the likelihood of reputational damage and decreased customer loyalty.

Businesses will think twice about booking with travel companies that fail to manage disruption effectively, leaving their employees stranded and potentially missing important meetings. Postponing meetings is often costly and firms will change their travel policies if they do not receive a reliable, informative and personalised service.

Protecting profits at the expense of customer experiences may have been a viable strategy in decades past, but in the age of the modern traveller only a proactive, targeted and connected approach will ensure business travellers are informed and satisfied during disruption and ready to engage in repeat business with an airline.

Thanks to the latest communications technology, driving profit levels while delivering the type of service customers expect at every stage of their journey is not only feasible, it has become the norm among forward-thinking airlines.

Indeed, 54% of respondents to IATA’s 2018 Global Passenger Survey said the use of real-time, accurate notifications is the service that would best improve their experience during travel disruption, making it the most popular answer of all.

The message to travel providers is clear: Don’t prioritise profits or experiences, simply opt for both.

Our team will be at the Data: Corporate Traveler Experience event to discuss the importance of tailored passenger communications during disruption and their ability to smooth the experience for travellers throughout times of stress. Building this trust is what helps travel providers to secure future loyalty and revenues.

More details:

Data: Corporate Traveler Experience
8th-9th November 2018
Atlanta, USA

Among the trends set to be explored at the conference are:

  • Cost-effective ways to keep passengers moving
  • Methods of improving customer experiences
  • Proactive – rather than reactive – disruption strategies

15below product experts will be in attendance alongside a host of airlines, travel management companies and travel experts.

We’ll be exhibiting our industry-leading range of disruption solutions and explaining exactly how these can be integrated into a travel company’s operations.

If you would like to find out more about revolutionising the way you deal with disruption, simply fill in our contact form or reach us by email and we’ll arrange a meeting to catch up with you in Atlanta.

Alternatively, you are invited to attend our next Disruption Communications Workshop in Panama City in March 2019. We have previously held these practical two-day workshops in Dubai, Singapore and Madrid, offering invaluable information, advice and planning to travel professionals from around the world aiming to more effectively deal with disruption. Register your interest in this event now.

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